From then everything that has anything to do with music grabbed her attention. Coming from a family with an average income, she went to school by bus and there, she showed her talent to people and got a little bit more pocket money busking. Her interest grew and she decided to go for singing classes. She saved some money and together with that which her mother gave her, she paid to start classes for one month.

During this time, one of the artist managers discovered her talent and asked her to join a vocal group to sign into one of the biggest recording company in Indonesia, SONY BMG. After writing more songs and arranging with the music producer, she was finally signed in by the record company for six years. This has forged her experience as a singer, song writer and a recording artist. She has been touring all over and is well known in Indonesia and Malaysia. She went on hiatus for a few years after the birth of her baby boy and was free from her record deal. She once again started her singing career to pursue her dream. Now based in Bali, she works with the French music producer, Samuel Senja. She finished her first solo album, “Kind Of Soul” and is ready to share her stories to the world.

Kind of Soul –

New Soul Album Crafted in the island of the gods : Bali !